About Us

What is Thai Apron Meal Kits? 

A box with the finest and authentic Thai ingredients that you need to make your favourite Thai dishes.

Suppose you are looking to impress with a new exciting meal, learn how to cook something new, or need a quick dinner easily prepared in minutes. Our delectable Meal Kit is ideal for impressing family and friends at the next dinner party, date nights, or learning how to cook a new cuisine.

Now more than ever, everyone is cooking at home and staying in. Are you stuck in the "I don't know what to make for dinner tonight" slump? Let us help you plan your next dinner with this easy to make, delicious meal by delivering our tasty recipes to your door, subscription free.



 The start of Thai Apron

Kc is a passionate Thai cook, born in Thailand, raised in Manchester, UK.

She grew up with love for her native Thai food and spent her teenage years working with Thai food in the restaurant industry. 

Always cooking for friends, family and colleagues, KC didn't want the COVID-19 to get in the way of sharing her authentic Thai dishes.

Created right in the kitchen from home, Kc wanted to create meal kits in ways you can taste her homemade recipes and also learn to cook and feel like a Thai chef.

Founder and Chef Of Thai Apron Meal Kits Photographer for the Observer Magazine